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Dr Christopher Scott

Dr Christopher Scott is a Consultant Physician and has specialist interest in HIV and Genitourinary Medicine. He works as a private physician at samedaydoctor City Clinic and at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. Dr Scott is available for general medical and GP consultations for adults in addition to his specialities listed in his medical biography.

Dr Scott trained at University College Hospital London during the 1990s and was appointed as a Consultant in 2010. Working both within the NHS and privately he has gained extensive experience in all aspects of inpatient and outpatient HIV management, AIDS and antiretroviral therapy. He is part of a team providing care for the largest cohort of patients living with HIV in Western Europe. Dr Scott has lectured extensively within the UK and internationally. He has been involved as a Co-investigator on multiple phase 3 clinical trials on antiretroviral therapy.

Dr Scott is an expert in all aspects of acute and chronic sexual health management. This includes sexual health infection screening and treatment in men and women and management of chronic sexual health problems including erectile dysfunction. He is also a specialist in Genital Dermatology.

Dr Scott has worked with samedaydoctor for over 15 years and is a company Director at samedaydoctor City clinic. He leads the team looking after patients living with HIV as well as advising on Pre and Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP and PrEP) which is also available in clinic.

Dr Gurpreet K Gill

Dr Gurpreet K Gill qualified from Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2006. Dr Gill completed her specialist training in General Practice in 2012 during which she also acquired a wealth of postgraduate diplomas in areas such as children health, women’s health, family planning, geriatric medicine and neurological-linguistic programming.

Dr Gill now works as a full time private GP for samedaydoctor since 2008 and is a company director at the City Clinic. Dr Gill has extensive experience in Primary Care adult and child consultations and is the safeguarding lead. She is available for weight loss consultations, intravenous vitamin drips and skin consultations.  She has a specialist interested in childhood immunisations where she leads the babyjabs specialist clinic.

Dr Lauren Bull

Dr Lauren Bull is a Consultant Physician and works at a leading teaching hospital trust in West London. She is also a Consultant in Sexual Health, Genitourinary Medicine, Contraception and HIV Medicine. Her medical interests lie in HIV care, complex STI care, chronic vaginosis and vulvar disease, contraception as well as psychosexual aspects of sexual health. She also has a special interest in menopause.
Given the breadth of her skillset and experience she has a unique insight into holistic health and wellbeing not afforded to most of her contemporaries. Her expertise and passion lie in looking at the whole of an individual and using her extensive practical knowledge in medicine, fitness, nutrition and holistic health to treat, guide and coach an individual to better health; physically, mentally, sexually and spiritually. Outside of healthcare, she has her own successful businesses as a qualified personal trainer, aerobics instructor, yoga and Pilates teacher, meditation teacher and student of Ayurveda.

Dr Bull is a practitioner of Western Medical Acupuncture. Acupuncture-like techniques have been used for over 5000 years. The most common reason people try acupuncture is for painful problems, whether it’s acute or chronic pain from a musculoskeletal condition or other bodily system e.g. gastrointestinal or gynaecological. Other conditions treated with acupuncture include migraines, stress, nausea and fertility issues. Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles through the skin and briefly left in position. Sometimes low voltage electricity is applied to assist the process. Western Medical Acupuncture can be used to treat a truly diverse range of symptoms and conditions. Treatment would generally be weekly to begin with although a single session will suffice for some. Many people react very well to acupuncture whilst for others the change is more modest. In addition to treating the problem, patients often notice acupuncture promotes relaxation and wellbeing. Acupuncture sessions with Dr Bull can be booked at samedaydoctor City clinic.

Dr Perminder Kaur

Dr Mindy Kaur is a General Practitioner who graduated from the University of Leicester Medical school in 2012. She completed her specialist training in the West Midlands and has been working at samedaydoctor clinic since 2020. Dr Kaur has a specialist interest in Women’s Health and Menopause care in which she has advanced certification. Dr Kaur is also experienced in adult and child consultations, sexual health, contraception, family planning and travel vaccines.