Private Blood Tests in London: Comprehensive and Convenient at samedaydoctor

For comprehensive and convenient private blood tests in London, samedaydoctor is your trusted partner. We provide a wide array of private blood tests at our City Clinic to help diagnose, monitor and manage various health conditions.

Extensive Range of Private Blood Tests

We offer an extensive range of blood tests, each designed to provide detailed insights into your health:
1. Liver Function: Tests to check how well your liver is working and help diagnose liver conditions.
2. Vitamin D: Essential for bone health, a Vitamin D test measures the level of the vitamin in your blood.
3. Oestradiol: This test measures the amount of oestradiol, a type of estrogen, in your blood.
4. Testosterone: Used to diagnose several conditions in men, women, girls, and boys.
5. Bone Profile: Tests to detect bone diseases or conditions that affect bone metabolism.
6. Cholesterol – Full Lipid Profiles: Essential for assessing your risk of heart disease.
7. Anaemia: Tests to diagnose different types of anaemia.
8. Diabetes: Blood tests to diagnose diabetes or monitor diabetes treatment.
9. Pregnancy: Blood tests to confirm pregnancy and monitor its progression.
10. Blood Group Test: Determines your blood type.
11. Full Blood Count: Measures the cells that make up your blood, such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
12. Uric Acid: High levels can cause gout and kidney stones.

Same Day Blood Tests at samedaydoctor

At samedaydoctor, we understand the need for timely results. That’s why we offer same-day blood tests. We provide quick and accurate testing with results often available on the same day, depending on the type of test.

Why Choose samedaydoctor for Private Blood Tests in London?

Choosing samedaydoctor for your private blood tests in London offers several benefits:
● Expert Care: Our team of experienced doctors provide comprehensive, personalised care.
● Wide Range of Tests: From general health checks to diagnosing specific conditions, we offer a broad array of tests.
● Convenient Appointments: With our same-day appointments, you receive prompt care when needed most.

We are here not only to perform any necessary blood tests but also to advise and counsel. We aim to provide a comfortable, safe, and caring environment for your healthcare needs. To learn more about our private blood tests in London or to book an appointment, contact us today.