Vitamin Booster Shots

MethylCobalamin (High Dose) – £39

Boosts energy, increases metabolism, helps with sleep patterns, prevents anaemia and it is essential for vegans and vegetarians.

Biotin Shot – £39

Strengthens hair and nails. It can also help restore taste among people who have lost their sense of taste.

Fat Burner Shot – £59

A combination of fat burning amino acids such as Carnitine, Leucine and Methionine which boosts metabolism. It helps speed the fat burning process naturally when combined with at least a medium intensity exercise program and healthy diet.

Glutathione – £59 / £79 / £89 / £99

Glutathione is a master anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. It increases energy, detoxifies the liver and can help improve the skin. Four different strengths are available: 600mg, 1200mg, 1800mg, 2400mg.

More vitamin options available – contact us to enquire!

Please note:
All our vitamin booster shots are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
Booster shots are not recommended for under 18s and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.