City of London ClinicOpposite Liverpool Street Station

8-9 New Street,
London EC2M 4TP

Open Monday to Saturday
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Saturday 10am-2pm

Our Transparent Pricing

Private Doctor and GP Clinic open 6 days a week offering all types of medical consultations.

samedaydoctor City Clinic offers fast professional access to an array of GP services for almost any health need. Our City Clinic is open 6 days a week and patients book ahead or walk-in. Appointments are for 15 minutes.  We also offer video and telephone consultations.

Our clinic also offers IV Vitamin Drips and Vitamin Injections.

Contact us if you would like to schedule and appointment.

Private GP Services

SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS PRICE  (* excludes cost of consultation fee)
GP Appointment £99
Video/Telephone Consultation £80
Repeat Prescription £70
Biochemistry Screen £140*
Blood Group £120
Ear Syringe £120
ECG £80*
Fit for Work Letter £150
Full Blood Count £65*
Hay Fever Injections £130
Health Screen from £380
Kidney Function Test £80*
Liver Function Test £70*
Medicals from £150
Pregnancy Blood Test £65*
Sick Note £120
Testosterone Test £65*
Thyroid Function Test £90*
Wellman/Wellwoman Profiles £400
X-Rays Vary

Sexual Health Services

TREATMENT  PRICE  (* excludes cost of consultation fee)
Coil Removal £190
Contraception Injection £120
HIV Tests (including Instant Test) from £35*
Early Detection HIV Test £290
Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea £160*
Genital Warts Treatment £120
Nebido Injection £170
Sexual Health Screens from £259
Syphilis Test £80*

IV Vitamin Injection & Vitamins

Immuno Booster Drip £249
Mega Vitaliser Drip £249
Skin Brightening Drip £199
Wellness Myers Drip £249
Biotin £39
Glutathione from £59
Methylcobalamin (High Dose) £39

Need Medical Consultation?

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