Private Medicals in London: Comprehensive and Expedient Services

At samedaydoctor, we understand the importance of prompt, thorough, and professional medical evaluations. At samedaydoctor, our City Clinic in London offers a comprehensive range of private medicals, including medical certificates and medical reports for official purposes.

A Wide Range of Medical Certifications

We provide a range of medical certifications to suit your specific needs:
1. Immigration & Visa Medicals: For those needing medical clearance for immigration or visa purposes.
2. Work Medicals: To ensure you are fit for your job role, especially if it involves safety-critical tasks.
3. Private Sick Notes: For employees who need to present evidence of illness or injury to their employers.
4. Fitness to Fly Certificates: For those who need medical clearance for air travel.
5. Fitness to Perform Certificates: For individuals involved in high-risk activities or sports.
6. Sporting Medical Certificates: For athletes who require a thorough medical examination to ensure their fitness for sporting activities.

Extensive Medical Reports for Insurance and Licensing

In addition to medical certificates, we also provide extensive medical reports:
1. Insurance Medicals: For those requiring a detailed health report for their insurance company.
2. Insurance Referral to Specialist Forms: If your insurance requires a referral from a GP to see a specialist.
3. Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) Medicals: For drivers who need to prove their health and fitness to operate heavy vehicles.

Thorough Testing for Comprehensive Reporting

All necessary blood tests and X-rays can be arranged at our clinic to ensure a comprehensive report. These costs will be discussed and agreed upon before the tests are conducted.

Why Choose samedaydoctor for Your Private Medicals in London?

Choosing samedaydoctor for your private medicals in London offers several advantages:
● Experienced medical professionals: Our team of trained doctors provide accurate and thorough medical evaluations.
● Convenient and fast service: We offer same-day appointments and quick turnaround times for reports.
● Comprehensive testing: All necessary tests, including blood tests and X-rays, can be arranged at our clinic.
● Clear and upfront costs: Any costs associated with tests will be discussed and agreed upon beforehand, ensuring transparency.

Whether you need a medical certificate for work, immigration, insurance, or any other official purpose, samedaydoctor is here to assist. We aim to provide a convenient, fast, and professional service that meets all your needs. To learn more about our private medicals in London or to book an appointment, contact us today.

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